The Chubby Cook

It’s your choice: Catering.


Food should be fun.  Food should be delicious.  Food should be good for us too- right? That’s what we think.  We’re working hard to bring fresh and healthy options to our menu on a daily basis.  We make just about everything in-house, so it is mostly additive and preservative free.  We buy local whenever possible and organic when it is available.



It’s your choice: Cooking School.

Come and cook with us.  Immerse yourself in the experience of working in a professional kitchen, with industry experts who are excited to share their knowledge with you.  Our cooking school, located in Beachwood, is a unique cooking experience where you will build new relationships, enjoy incredible food and immerse yourself in a food lover’s paradise.  Join us for a cooking experience to remember.



It’s your choice: Awesome Parties.

Looking for something new and exciting to do in Cleveland?  We’ve got the winning ticket.  Reserve your next party at The Chubby Cook and astound your guests with our outstanding food, service and atmosphere.  Want a five course meal?  We’ve got that covered.  Looking for a night out with friends?   You’ve found the right place.  We throw incredible parties, tailored to your needs, right in our space.  We have private cooking classes, demonstrations and corporate events ready and waiting for you… call today!



“We can cook delicious food for you or you can come cook with us. It’s going to be great food, 

no matter how you slice it. That’s what we’re all about.”- The Chubby Cook