Homestyle Meals FAQ’s

What do the Meals Cost?
Our homestyle meals vary in cost, but are generally priced between $10.99 per serving to $15.99 per serving dependent on the meal chosen. Prices may vary for special meal requirements.

Is there a minimum order?
Since each of the meals is made from scratch, we do have a minimum order of 4 meals per menu item chosen.

What do the meals include?
All of our meals are self-contained and designed for one person. The dinners include a side serving which is appropriate for the dish, or you can request any of the side dishes which we have available.

Can we get family size?
Absolutely. We can prepare our homestyle meals in just about any size needed.

How far ahead do I have to order?
For most items, we can have them ready in 24 hours. Some items require longer to prepare, but our friendly staff will walk you through any of those items and give you a firm date when the meal will be ready.

Can I freeze and reheat the meals later?
Yes. We provide instructions on how to reheat the meals for enjoyment on a future date! Please remember that the contents in your entree are completely cooked when they arrive. For best results, we recommend thawing your entree completely before reheating. If you don’t have time to thaw your meal like many of our customers, that’s okay too. The individual containers your entree comes in are microwave safe.

How do I place an order?
Please call 216.342.4840 to speak with us about what you would like to order. Online ordering is not available currently.

Do you deliver orders?
Absolutely. We deliver to most locations in the greater Cleveland area. Let us know when you need it and we will be there. A delivery charge is assessed to the order dependent on location.

Can my meals arrive frozen already?
Yes. Please request to have your meals frozen for delivery. This is a popular option for corporate environments. Please see above about reheating.

What items are available for meals?
Our complete homestyle meal menu is available by clicking here.

Can I purchase more meals at anytime?
You can always purchase additional meals at any time. We will charge you the same amount for the meals each time. To order, please call 216.342.4840.