Homestyle Meals Direct

Life comes at us fast… sometimes cooking is out of the question.

When things get moving fast, let The Chubby Cook take some of the stress out of meal preparation.  The steps are easy to get the process rolling:

1) Check out our Homestyle Meals Menu to get an idea of the cuisine we offer

2) Contact The Chubby Cook at 216.342.4840

3) Tell us about your favorite foods, special meal requirements, dietary restrictions, food allergies and how many meals you would like.

4) Let us know when you need the food!

Meals for family members

We work with many clients who have family or friends who find it hard to shop and prepare meals.  Working with The Chubby Cook makes the process simple and easy.  We work hard to take care of each and every one of our clients to ensure their happiness.

When you call, we can setup weekly or monthly drops of delicious prepared entrees.  All of our meals are created from scratch per order.  They can arrive either fresh or we can freeze them and supply reheating instructions.  Any way you choose, your family or friends will be well taken care of.

It’s that easy.  Call us today.  216.342.4840

For more information on our Homestyle Meals, please view our FAQ page.