Cooking Classes in Action

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Our cooking classes are on in Beachwood!  We’ve been throwing down in the kitchen with some incredible people.  I would like to thank each and every person who has attended classes here- your participation is appreciated more than you know!

So what’s it like to be in a cooking class at The Chubby Cook?  Delicious and fun!  Our classes start off with a quick introduction to the space and the materials we will be covering for the class.  Then we get right to the hands-on cooking experience- when  you leave our class you will have chopped, diced, stirred, shaken and sliced your way through delicious, easy to follow recipes.

Working through the recipe with Chef Lauren

Typically we try to make a recipe at the beginning of the class which we can nosh on while we’re cooking the other dishes.  The kitchen always smells fantastic and it is hard to make it to the end without a little nibble here and there!

Making Bacon Jalapeno Rellenos to nosh on during class!

Our hands-on classes are a ton of fun.  Everyone learns quick tips, time saving techniques and easy ways to make cooking at home more fun and filled with flavor.  Our Chefs and Chef’s Assistants are here to help throughout class- questions are always encouraged!

Easy to follow instruction from our Chefs- we make it fun and easy.

At the end of the class, we feast!  Your delicious culinary creations are plated and everyone can chow down.  It’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon or an evening.  A great way to meet new people or to bring your friends!

For any questions, please call 216-342-4840 (Ask for Scott or Michele) or check out our Class Schedule!

You'll always leave having eaten a full, delicious meal we created together.

Fresh, fantastic ingredients... it's a feast for the eyes even before we begin cooking

Aprons, towels, recipes and everything needed for the class is provided- just bring yourself!

The reward: fantastic food and good friends!

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