Cooking Classes in Action

Our cooking classes are on in Beachwood!  We’ve been throwing down in the kitchen with some incredible people.  I would like to thank each and every person who has attended classes here- your participation is appreciated more than you know! So what’s it like to be in a cooking class at The Chubby Cook?  Delicious […]

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  January 16, 2012   No comments

Recipe: 5 Hour Braised Leg of Lamb

Well, it takes about five hours to cook this lamb to perfection but the whole recipe takes about six hours from start to finish, give or take a little bit of time.  Also, I neglected to take pictures during the creation of this recipe, so bear with me on this one!  I only have pics […]

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  December 29, 2011   2 comments

New Classes Added at The Chubby Cook

Hope that you all had a very Happy Holiday!  Things at The Chubby Cook were as crazy as ever, but that’s a great thing!  We put out a ton of fantastic food all last week and over the weekend.  Today, we’re taking the day off for a much needed break, but will be back in […]

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  December 27, 2011   No comments

Recreational Cooking School

So it has been too long since my last post.  To be quite honest, it’s been ridiculously busy around here and I rarely have 2 minutes to rub together.  The good news in all of that is that life passes by at a nice clip, but the bad news is that I don’t get to […]

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  December 10, 2011   No comments

Meet the Chubby Cook Team: Scott “The Chubb” Groth

What’s your foodie history? I love everything about food- thinking up recipes, grocery shopping, prepping, cooking and most of all: eating it.  There’s nothing like a great meal to turn any day around. I don’t think that I became a “foodie” until a couple years after college.  Since then, it’s been an explosion of learning […]

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  October 2, 2011   1 comment

Recipe: Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Wow- it’s been a while since I’ve posted up on here.  Sorry about that- I’m definitely going to be better about getting more recipes posted up as we turn the corner straight into Fall.  We’re testing recipes like crazy in our kitchen to get things ready for Clambake Season as well as our Holiday Drop-Off […]

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  September 17, 2011   No comments

Weekly Update: September Specials at The Chubby Cook

Announcing September Specials at The Chubby Cook: Along with this week’s specials, we’re happy to announce the daily specials for the upcoming month of September! Come celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of fall with us! Speaking of September… Celebrate Labor Day with The Chubby Cook! With a house full of guests, why […]

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  August 30, 2011   No comments

Meet The Chubby Cook Team: Liz

Visited our website recently? In addition to rolling out our schedule of cooking classes this weekend, there were some major changes made to The Chubby Cook website. With updates to our menus for our corporate and fine catering options, we continue to grow and are ready to cater your upcoming get together! Call us at […]

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  August 24, 2011   No comments

Weekly Update: Cooking School Classes Announced!

Cooking School Classes Announced! We are very happy to share The Chubby Cook cooking school is officially accepting reservations! In partnership with Whole Foods Market Cedar Center, we have scheduled an array of classes for students of all interests: The "Cooking with Whole Foods" series will feature some of Whole Foods’ finest culinary minds as […]

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  August 22, 2011   No comments