July, 2011

Meet The Chubby Cook Team: Alicia

See something you REALLY want on our daily specials menu but can’t make it out to the kitchen right away? Give us a call at (216) 342-4840 and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request and cravings! As we continue the  interviews with The Chubby Cook team, we introduce you to Alicia, our Events & Communications […]

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  July 27, 2011   2 comments

Check it out: Specials, Lunch and Juice Menu!

This week we’ve got some good stuff coming out of the kitchen.  Take a look!  Shoot a call if you want us to hold something for you- we are more than happy to write your name on it and set it aside!!!  216-342-4840. Specials: Monday: The Turkey Gobbler: Overstuffed turkey sandwich with mustard sauce, plum reduction, […]

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  July 24, 2011   No comments

Meet The Chubby Cook Team: Michele

Tired of wondering what to make for dinner? Why not let The Chubby Cook make something for the entire family? Stay tuned as we begin to roll out our meal replacement program in the upcoming weeks! So you can get to know our staff better, we’ll be sharing interviews with the members of The Chubby […]

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  July 20, 2011   1 comment

Lunch, Juice and Specials Menu

We’ve got lunch covered this week- leave the bag at home and come eat with us. Specials: Monday: The Turkey Gobbler: Overstuffed turkey sandwich with mustard sauce, plum reduction, vine ripe tomato, blue marble jack cheese and green leaf lettuce.  Yumm.  This dude rolls out at $7.99 and you won’t regret it for a minute. Tuesday: […]

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  July 17, 2011   No comments

Lunch Special: Duo of Lasagna

We’re rolling out some hot dishes this week… Lasagna today, Chicken Pot Pie tomorrow and Baked Ziti on Friday.  Each of these are offered in individual servings- but just like everything else we offer, they’re big enough to crush your hunger.  Today’s Lasagna is available vegetarian style or meat lovers with Italian sausage and ground […]

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  July 13, 2011   No comments

Lunch Special: Stromboli Hero

Today we’ve got something really special- the Stromboli Hero.  This sandwich is really delicious.  Here’s the scoop: fresh cheese focaccia is cut lengthwise and stuffed full of leaf lettuce, provolone, Genoa salami, smoked ham and pepperoncini.  We smother the bread with some homemade Italian dressing and wrap it deli style.  Pick it up for $6.99 […]

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  July 12, 2011   No comments

Weekly Lunch, Juice and Specials Menu

Is it time to eat yet?  We think so.  Check out what is coming out of the kitchen this week: Specials: Tuesday:  The Stromboli Hero:  Genoa salami, pit smoked ham, provolone, house made Italian dressing and pepperoncini on fresh baked cheese Focaccia.  You’re going to love every bite of this ginormous sandwich.  $6.99 for the […]

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  July 10, 2011   No comments