Smooth Green Juice

For those of you who have tried the Green Lemonade, you may have noticed somewhat of an earthy smell to it.  This is normal, believe me.  The smell comes from the kale which also has a really intensely green flavor to it as well, which is why you need two apples in the juice to make it palatable.  Well, I thought it was time to work on a juice with less offenses attributed to it.  Thusly was born the Smooth Green Juice.

Most of my recipes don’t require a lot of gadgetry, but this one does need a juicer.  Whatever type of juicer you have will do, except a citrus juicer which is not appropriate.  I use the Breville Dual Disc Juicer which reminds me of a fighter jet every time I fire it up.  It has an intense amount of power and really does a great job juicing.  When I was putting mine back together this morning, I noticed the war wounds.  This thing has made a lot of juice and it still going as strong as the day we bought it.

The reason that this juice is smooth is due to the leafy greens that are used.  I piled handful on top of handful of spinach into the machine this morning and got some really concentrated spinach juice.  Instead of the romaine which I would normally use as a juice filler, I used cucumber.  I cut back on the ginger, apple and changed it up from a lemon to a lime.  The new ingredient is flat leaf parsley which adds a light herb flavor.  It’s been about two hours since I have enjoyed this juice and I have a ton of energy- I think that this one is a winner.

Makes 1 16 to 20oz juice portion


3 cups spinach, washed
1 large organic cucumber
1/4 bunch of flat leaf parsley, rinsed
1 large lime or 1.5 smaller limes, peeled
1 golden delicious or similar apple
1 small knob (about the size of a thumb nail) fresh ginger

Toss all the ingredients into the juicer. I start with the spinach and parsley, then the cucumber and finish with apple, lime and ginger all in the chute together. It’s pretty tasty. To sweeten it up more, add more apple. To make it taste more like the garden, add more cucumber. For more nutrients, double up on the spinach. For less green taste, change from limes to lemons.

Kick it back and enjoy.

Spinach Cucumber Juice

It's green. It's delicious. It's good for you. Photo by Scott Groth


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